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Has moved in with me. Partly he’s not getting on with his mum. Partly he’s worried about me.

This is my favourite picture of him so far. Taken years ago on a beach on Achill, the coat is mine, the cap ill advised but he loved it. He was maybe 7.

Arguing with idiots

My friend Mick tells me off for arguing with idiots on the Internet instead of doing something productive. He’s right of course. But I tell him I do it to distract me while I’m doing the stuff that pays the bills. And I’m right too. Arguing with idiots used to be difficult not so long ago. Now it’s easy. The Internet puts us together because we all have points of intersection in the great Venn diagram it creates. So we can see first hand how they poison themselves and the rest of us.

So maybe I should just be happy with what I’ve got. Which is a lot.

Mazzy Star

Playing on my random internal jukebox for the last 24 hours.

Something personal

I don’t do a lot of personal entries but that will change. I’ve hived my work bibblings off to a seperate place. My life recently has been like a middle class version of the Jeremy Kyle show. Not that such a thing would ever be possible, but it would be rubbish.



And her Daddy

Wonderful when other people express what you believe

Nice work, brother

Does work work?

I spend most of my time writing about work and workplaces. This is interesting, but it misses a few points.

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