The problem with Patricia Hewitt

Nobody likes her. 

It should be enough that she has a very shaky track record as a minister and never took any responsibility when things screwed up and has followed the usual politician’s route into commerce, address book in hand, yet thinks nothing of returning to tell everybody else where they are going wrong. But the reason she won’t be able to rally people to her cause in the current leadership furore in the Labour Party is because she’s just so hard to like.

Her manner is all wrong. She betrays herself with the way she deals with people. If they disagree with her, it’s not because they have a valid alternative point of view, it’s because they SIMPLY DON’T UNDERSTAND. So to help them see the error of their views, she starts to speak at them more slowly, with a small inward smile and a pitying tilt of the head. It’s very reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher. A smile on the mouth but eyes that would like to see you dead.


1 Response to “The problem with Patricia Hewitt”

  1. 1 OS January 9, 2010 at 10:11 am

    You should leave these fools alone. They’re quite capable of digging their own holes. 😉

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