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Mii Mii Mii


The way we communicate with each other means we acquire new identities all the time nowadays. I have a particular way of relating to people for each of the various media I use. My blog identity is one and I like to think that people who know me in the real world would recognise this aspect of the real me. There’s a more argumentative Elt who’s a bit of a tit on a couple of football forums, but who is also in me. There’s a Facebook me. I even have images attached to these elements of me, Sam Lowry, Lancelot Spratt, Sgt Rock, Billy Pilgrim.

It’s all a bit odd, a bit childish, but it is of our time. I can only imagine how my children play the same silly games with their identities, given they’ve never known a different world.

I’ve also acquired a representation of myself on our Wii, a Mii as they call it. It’s a sweet, dumpy, tubby, child-like equivalent of the real me and much better at wakeboarding – but worse at table tennis.

I’ve been pondering this recently because I’m re-reading Ballard, and as ever he has renewed my astonishment at his ability to foresee these sorts of developments thirty or forty years ago. In a 1977 article in Vogue he foretold this alternative universe, each of us coccooned in our own personal customised world, relating to other people solely through screens and fibre optic cables. What a man to be able to see this so clearly at such distance! As he put it, ‘the spherical mirror forms the wall of our universe, enclosing us for ever at its heart…’

What could possibly go wrong?


Nadine Dorries, Tory MP and publicity whore, has announced she is suing the two Labour imbeciles who’d plotted a smear campaign against her, along with Gordon Brown who knew nothing about it but did do his nut when he found out in his usual (allegedly) unhinged fashion.

I know that’s putting it in blunt terms but I’m happy to predict nothing will ever come of this because the smears were never published and Derek Draper and Damian McBride have already been punished by losing their jobs. Given its timing at the start of the conference season, not to mention its futility, it’s clearly a publicity stunt that a) will do absolutely nothing to redeem MP’s reputations and b) may blow up spectacularly in her face.

PS. I’ve been informed that she once implied on her own blog that a Labour researcher was a paedophile because they had looked at the Facebook page of her then 15 year old daughter. It’s wrong and a bit creepy, but that may well be actionable. Politicians eh?

A cheap laugh at this thicko’s expense

And a lazy post from me while I try to get back in the habit of blogging.

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