Picking over Michael’s Bones


One of my least favourite people in the world is a woman you’ve almost certainly never heard of called Carole Spiers, stress  consultant, misery leech, media whore, ghoul. My problem with her is partly irrational because  – of course – I don’t know her apart from her public pronouncements and slightly disturbing manner, as defined by the equation:

(Patricia Hewitt x Margaret Thatcher) + Edwina Currie = Carole Spiers

Here she is, pushing some piece of crap that is supposed to measure stress levels.

But partly my distaste for her is rational because she is to me the public face of the burgeoning stress management industry. An industry that is largely reliant on giving people the idea that they suffer from the very thing it purports to cure.

In her latest attempts to link stress to just about everything, Carole Spiers has decided it’s a good idea to pick over the already well-gnawed bones of Michael Jackson. You can read what she thinks about it here.

 If you can’t be bothered, it’s a vacuous load of regurgitated drivel about his dissatisfaction with himself and his situation, terminating in this envelope-pushing paragraph of sentimental, misdirected, self-serving spew.

‘Perhaps the biggest irony was that the death of Michael Jackson, King of Pop, and object of admiration for many generations, could be seen as that of a disaffected employee, wanting to score points off a hostile management by slipping away and relishing the freedom of that enchanted world on the other side of the factory-gate.’


4 Responses to “Picking over Michael’s Bones”

  1. 1 Stephen Foster July 14, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    …by slipping away and relishing the freedom of that enchanted world on the other side of the factory-gate.’

    Just say Neverland if that’s what you mean you bag.

    Thanks Elt, you have bought something new to revile here, she’s a sort of Tone Clone.

  2. 2 Chris Clark July 15, 2009 at 6:13 am

    …actually I thought it was a soundly written article. Go and read it again. I’m a fan of Michael Jackson and I was somewhat doubtful if this tour would go the distance without tears, though didn’t think it would never start.

  3. 3 markelt July 15, 2009 at 6:29 am

    Hi Chris. My problem is the subtext that tries to link everything to stress, even the death of this troubled man. People like Carole Spiers have a vested interest in giving the impression that stress is far more widespread and harmful than is actually true. Another false idea that permeates stress management is that it is largely down to external factors, when a significant role is played by the response of the individual to it. It suits the stress industry just fine to give the idea that perfectly normal pressures of life and work are stressful.
    And of course, I really just plain don’t like her.

  4. 4 minniebeaniste August 30, 2009 at 12:21 pm

    Some degree of stress – in the form of obligations imposed or even minor compulsion – is necessary. Otherwise the likes of I wouldn’t be able to get up in the morning. I agree with your views wholeheartedly, and thanks for voicing ’em so succintly.
    Love the blog, have enjoyed my visit. Thank you!

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